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“The love and affection that goes in making every tamal is simply, due, to the fact that we want to provide our customers the same high-quality food we serve our Great-granddaughter Lili.”


Lili’s Hot Tamales was named after our great-granddaughter.  We are a family owned and operated company bringing you exceptional quality to traditional recipes.  


Lili’s Hot Tamales was created to fill a niche in the marketplace for products that have been popular with Hispanic communities and beyond for generations.  Normally these foods are imported, mainly from Mexico, under different health standards of production and quality.  We have made it our mission to provide the same authentic Mexicans flavors while only using 100% FDA approved ingredients and seasonings.   



Traditional Family Recipes

Initially, we started making this product for our family and we have not changed our recipe since deciding to share it with your family.  Quality is of the utmost importance to us and we aim to make sure that Lili's Hot Tamales is always known for its quality and flavor.


Lili’s Factory has become the preferred choice for Authentic Mexican Tamales. Our Recipes have endured the test of time, our masa is seasoned and kneaded to perfection, the pork, chicken, and veggie tamales are seasoned with our authentic family recipe, we hand roll every tamal on corn husks the old fashion way.



The Mission of Lili's Tamale Factory

The Villareal family Culinary Historians have come out of retirement to craft and organize this family company intended to establish and grow a college education account for his great-granddaughter Lili.  


"We love the fact that we can continue such an important tradition in a manner that it is not driven by commerce, it is driven for the love of our heritage that so many people from different nationalities and walks of life have come to love as well."`

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